2% Land Fund Report 7.2017


QUICK HISTORY OF THE LEGISLATION FROM 2005 to 2016:  Debbie Hecht, Campaign Coordinator since 2005 of the Save Our Lands Citizens’ Committee

  1. The Save Our Lands Citizen’s Committee collected almost 10,000 signatures from April to July of 2006. The County Clerk-Connie Kiriu and County Counsel- Lincoln Ashida disqualified almost 6,000 signatures for leaving off the year (signatures were collected from April to July) and leaving off Pl., St. or Rd.
  2. The County Council decided to place the ballot measure on the ballot for 2006. Despite the County Counsel submitted ballot language with confusing verbiage containing double negatives, the amendment to the Code passed by 56% of voters who voted on the issue as part of the Hawaii County Code.
  3. 2008- Mayor Kenoi suspended deposits to the Fund for two years as the first piece of legislation submitted after he took office. We pointed out that there were more than 260 funded but unfilled job in his budget, but he failed to reinstate payments to the 2% Land Fund.
  4. 2010- Charter Commission put on the ballot as the 1% Land Fund- again passed by 56% of voters. We urged supporters to vote for this, so that money will still get deposited to the fund.
  5. 2012- In order to honor all the people who signed the petitions and helped with this effort over the years we had it back on the ballot as a Charter amendment and passed by 56% of voters along with a 1/4% Maintenance Fund.
  6. The Maintenance Fund was modified in 2016 to allow the Open Space Commission to review Stewardship Grants and to recommend what grants to approve to the Director of Finance.


  • We collected almost 10,000 signatures; there were over 100 people that collected signatures of more than 50 signatures each.
  • Money spent-  for 3 ballot campaigns, under $6,000.   We had home made signs and did little advertising.
  • We have a 3,000 personal email list which we used to inform our supporters if we needed emails, people showing up for public meetings or lobbying their Council members.   These 3,000 people were asked to contact their email list. They represent about 10% of the voting public on the island. (There have been approximately 100,000 voters registered for the County of Hawaii, usually about 33,000 of these registered voters actually vote. 3,000 supporters are 10% of the vote island-wide.)




LAND ACQUIRED: 4,428 acres of land acquired that was suggested by members of the community.

MONEY SPENT: County of Hawaii 2% Land Fund         $27,389,268.

                             Grants from Matching funds*               $8,764,083.

                             Private funds:                                      $2,000,000

*From US Fish and Wildlife to protect lands for Endangered Species, State Legacy Lands $7,434,083 actually received, $1,330,000. Pending from Legacy Lands for Wai’opae, Puna.

To view the Acquisition Status Report go to: http://records.co.hawaii.hi.us/weblink/1/edoc/84954/2016-11-14%20PONC%20Acquisition%20Status%20Report.pdf

*MATCHING FUNDS- My opinion: The highest and best use of 2% of taxpayer’s funds is to use the 2% Land Fund to get dollar for dollar matching funds, to date the County has only gotten 1 dollar for every 3 dollars spent for taxpayers OR only 32% of the money spent is from grants.   The County could do better at applying for matching funds.

PROPERTIES SUBMITTED TO THE PONC COMMISSION TO BE CONSIDERED FOR ACQUISITION as of December 28, 2016: This information came from the Comprehensive List of Properties http://records.co.hawaii.hi.us/weblink/1/edoc/84955/2016-12-28%20PONC%20Comprehensive%20List%20of%20Properties%20Submitted%20by%20the%20Public.pdf

Puna area: 16 properties

South Hilo area: 16 properties

North Hilo: 7 properties

Hamakua: 19 properties

North Kohala: 26 properties

South Kohala: 17 properties

North Kona: 27 properties

South Kona: 13 properties

Ka’u: 25 properties

Total Properties submitted for the entire island: 166


The Community recommends a property to the Public Access and Open Space Commission, here is the process and links to the application: http://records.co.hawaii.hi.us/weblink/1/edoc/84953/Process%20for%20Property%20Acquisition%20with%20Funds%20from%20the%20PONC%20Fund.pdf

PONC STEWARDSHIP GRANT: Properties that are acquired with Land Fund monies can apply for maintenance funds. Here a is a link to the application. http://records.co.hawaii.hi.us/weblink/1/edoc/80189/PONC%20Stewardship%20Grant%20Request%20Form%20(application%20period%20801%20-%2083116).pdf

THE HAWAII COUNTY CARTER AND THE HAWAII COUNTY CODE: which regulates the 2% Land Fund (PONC) and the PONC Maintenance Fund go to: http://records.co.hawaii.hi.us/weblink/browse.aspx?startid=13770&dbid=1

Submitted by Debbie Hecht, Campaign Coordinator Save Our Lands Citizen’s Committee


3 thoughts on “2% Land Fund Report 7.2017

  1. Hello Ms.Hecht,

    I read your 2016 article on the need for a PCI unit on the Big Island and was wondering if any progress has been made toward building and staffing such a unit. I had such a PCI procedure on Maui after a heart attack and full blockage of the LAD in 2014. Luckily, they had put in a PCI unit at Maui Memorial the year before and the total time from Heart Attack onset to PCI intervention was ~55min, but still, I was in a coma for 12 days and in the hospital for 22 days. My wife flew in and they told her that I might be a vegetable,what kind I do not know, but I have regained full abilities and no aftereffects for the most part. My cardiologist here in Vegas says he can’t even tell I had a heart attack on the EKG, stress test, and blood lab work are within very normal parameters.

    I am writing to ask if there has been any update toward building such a unit at KCH or anywhere on the Big Island and what your thoughts are regarding the likelihood of such a unit coming to fruition in the foreseeable future? Any updates on progress or is it still in it’s infancy as getting the funding and staffing is difficult even though there is provable need? Please feel free to comment or update your post with your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the consideration and thanks for you already insightful post in 2016. I found it to be rather comprehensive and insightful. Well done! Thanks in advance…
    Best Regards, Robert Haight


    1. Hello Robert- no sorry to say our state legislators are more focused on getting a new hospital built near Kona airport- which is 7 years away easy! I keep trying to lobby them to get a cardiac care unit built- but nothing gets done.


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