Save the Bluff Citizen’s Committee ask for Feasibility Study for Del Mar Bluff Park


HELP save one of the last remaining parcels of coast bluff:                                          Please EMAIL THE DEL MAR CITY COUNCIL and ask them TO DO A FEASIBILITY STUDY.  

 Many citizens are excited about the possibility of these properties becoming a park and believe this option should be explored before this property is densely developed for commercial uses. The serenity of this area and the 4-acre Scripps Bluff Preserve could be lost forever. The Beach Colony could be gridlocked by increased traffic.   Please contact the City Council, including new Council member Terry Gaasterland and City Manger Scott Huth and ask them to approve a Feasibility Study OR to include the Del Mar Bluff Park as a viable alternative in the EIR.

Cut and paste to send an email:,,,,,,,

SUBJECT LINE: Del Mar Bluff Park Feasibility Study

Cut and paste: Dear Del Mar City Council: Please do a Feasibility Study to weight all options for the 16.5 acres at the southwest corner of Via de La Valle and Camino del Mar (101).         Sign your name

The SAVE OUR BLUFF CITIZENS’ COMMITTEE is formally requesting that the Del Mar City Council approve a Del Mar Bluff Park Feasibility Study to explore the option of creating a public Park for the 16.5 acres adjacent to the Scripps 4+ acre North Bluff Preserve. The goal is to compare and contrast the Park Alternative to the dense commercial development proposed for the Del Mar Resort. This information should be available at the same time as the EIR, so citizens can weigh all options. The Del Mar Bluff Park should be included as an alternative in any public vote for development on this property. This property is one of the largest remaining parcels of vacant land in Del Mar.

THE EVOLVING PARK VISION: The Del Mar Bluff Park could provide an important community meeting space for the Del Mar and Solana Beach communities and preserve views and property values for surrounding Solana Beach neighbors.   Since the Park would benefit both communities, the properties could be purchased all or in part by the two cities. The Park could be:

  • The beginning of Coast to Crest Trail with an education center.
  • The Solana Beach Historical Society and the Del Mar Historical Society could have educational and interpretive exhibits. The Del Mar Historical Society could relocate the Alvarado House there.
  • The existing Woodward Estate house could be remodeled as a community center for rent.
  • The Garden Club could have demonstration gardens.
  • This area is important to the Kumeyaay Tribe, who may want to participate.
  • San Dieguito River Park Conservancy could be involved.

Funds can be assembled from groups who could use a portion of this space, private donations and grant funding from government and land conservation non-profits. The property could be managed and paid for jointly by Del Mar and Solana Beach with bond money.   General Obligation Bonds costs and payments would be shared by Del Mar and Solana Beach. Land Conservation non-profits are being contacted to assess their interest to help obtain funding.

THE FEASIBILITY STUDY: The following information is needed to understand the viability of the Del Mar Bluff Park to the Del Mar Resort, including but not limited to:

    1.  The costs of acquisition, including an appraisal of fair market value for each of the properties, and how the use of Bargain and Sale deeds and other methods may reduce acquisition costs.
    2. Potential sources and costs for funding including, but not limited to, private, federal and state grants, municipal bonds, private gifts and non-profits donation, land leases, renovation of the Woodward property for rent and funding from the Joint Powers Authority.
    3. Possible users and potential ground leases for compatible park uses.

Need more information? Want to be kept informed?

These pictures were taken either from Scripps Bluff Preserve or from the south side of the San Dieguito River looking at the trail up to the Bluff.

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