Oribe Guitar

*Oribe guitar, case and book (1)

I recently  inherited a 1973 Classical  Oribe Concert B Guitar.  My friend was the only owner and had the guitar refurbished in 2004 by Oribe. We are asking $4,500.00

I had the incredible pleasure to be Jose Oribe in June of 2016 and hear his son  Juan, play the guitar and recorded Juan playing the guitar, which you can listen to below.

It was valued at $8,000 in 2004 for insurance purposes (see the attached letter).

Please contact me to see and play the guitar.  I am in San Diego but travel to Los Angeles frequently.

Debbie Hecht   hecht.deb@gmail.com

CLICK A VIDEO of Juan Oribe TO LISTEN (please remember I recorded this with my IPhone :

*guitar front (1)*Constructor panel for authenticity

*Oribe guitar, case and book (1)

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